The Larmor-Plage Casino Obtains Its Authorization For A Permanent Move

Cards, Game, Poker, Peak, Worms, DiamondThe Larmor-Plage casino is delighted with the decision taken recently. Now the casino can move to its final location.

After a year and a half of waiting, the casino has finally gone green. As a reminder, the casino was temporarily installed in the premises of the Larmor-Plage bowling alley, at the Minio roundabout. This move is a good thing for the establishment, because since its opening, it is today at the top of the list in Morbihan.

This is a long awaited announcement. The investigating commissioner has given his approval so that the casino can move to the final premises intended for it. This is an opportunity for the casino to be able to expand its offers, because in bowling it only had 75 slot machines, a blackjack table and an English roulette wheel. All that remains is to wait for the work to be completed in Port-Maria, which will be the new landmark of the Larmor-Plage casino. The move is scheduled for the fall, according to forecasts.

But the good news doesn’t end here for the casino. In addition to having obtained the authorization to move from the investigating commissioner, he can now also increase his gaming offerings and expand to other prospects. This will only be beneficial for the establishment. It will thus be able to have 125 slot machines instead of the current 75 and also have 4 gaming tables. The municipal council, through these decisions, shows that the casino has a bright future ahead of it, but will also be a good financial source for the commune.

Poker, Card Game, Casino, GamblingBesides that, the opinions obtained from the public are very favorable for the opening and the maintenance of this casino of Larmor-Plage. The public survey carried out shows that 87% of those questioned are for this opinion. It will also be a helping hand to attract even more people to the town and thus support many households. It should be noted that jobs will be created, because the casino will need more people to function since its offers and its surface will increase considerably. Visitors will also be able to enjoy other entertainment, other than games. The imminent opening of the new establishment is thus eagerly awaited in the town of Larmor-Plage. It will be located on the seafront on a former site of a campsite at Les Algues.

Cyprus’s First Casino Just Got Clearance

Cards, Playing, Game, Gambling, GambleFor a long time, casino operators have fought hard to get permission to open an establishment. Cypriot parliamentarians have just approved the law so that a casino can be built in the southern part of the island.

The objective in this approach is also to be able to attract more tourists. Indeed, for several years this authorization has been coveted and awaited so much so that considerable efforts have been made by the operators. After a very long reflection, the deputies of Cyprus finally approved the law which gives the green light to the opening on the territory of a casino. It must be said that the country has a considerable delay in comparison with the northern part which already has several dozen casinos since the 1970s.

According to the results of the vote, 29 deputies are for and 22 against this law. These figures show that the “pro” is winning, but within a few figures. These 22 opponents come from the Communist Party Akel which is an opposition party. If until the adoption of this law, this casino was still only a dream, it is above all that churches with considerable influence made a clear opposition.

The content of this law is very clear

Poker, Artículosdepoker, Briefcase PokerThe law authorizing the former is perfectly clear as to its content. The casino which will open its doors on the south coast of the island will have to install 1000 machines and 100 gaming tables there. As for the operator who will hold the queens, the government plans to put on the market a call for offer which is scheduled for August. He also hopes that this first establishment will be able to open its doors in 2018. Whoever wins the market will have to open in the area near Lacarna which is a part of the island where tourism is in full swing. Today it is a very popular destination for the Greeks but also for the British. The tourism sector is currently in full development.

Indeed, tourism is today a hope for Cyprus to recover from the crisis, which has been on the verge of bankruptcy since 2013. Among other things, it was necessary to borrow from the European Union so that the country does not sink. not. Since then drastic measures have been put in place. However, this first casino in Cyprus is a bit of hope that will be able to launch the tourism sector a little more and in the process lead to sustainable economic development.